Friday, August 31, 2007

What is Quantum-Touch?

is an energy healing technique that utilizes both local healing as well as distant healing, using the life force energy that exists within each of us, based on the principles of resonance and entrainment.

Okay, I can see it now. The questions buzzing around in your head. So let me answer them one at a time.

What is Local Healing: Touching the client lightly with both hands.

What is Distant Healing: Sending energy without actually touching the client.

What is Life Force Energy: It is called by many names by many cultures. But it is the animating current of life . . . in other words, it is the spirit which exists inside of our bodies that make us alive. Without the spirit, the body cannot exist. This life force energy is called by many names. The Chinese call it "chi," the Japanese call it "ki," the Hawaiians call it "mana," the Indians call it "prana" and Quantum-Touch practitioners call it "Breath." It is what makes us breathe.

What is Resonance: Resonance is simply a transfer of energy. When two systems are vibrating at different frequencies, there is an impelling force called resonance that causes the two to transfer energy from one another.

What is Entrainment: Entrainment is simply when two things vibrate at the same frequency. In other words, the two energy sources align their movement and energy together to match in rhythm.

So simply put, a Quantum-Touch practitioner, through breathing techniques, raises his or her level of energy to a healthy, healing level and through visualization and touch, raises the client's level of energy to the same level. The client's body then begins to heal itself.

It's really very simple and an exciting technique that triggers healing within the body. The Healer is the person whose body is healing; the body's innate healing ability is the true healer. The Practitioner is simply holding a strong harmonizing vibration in order to facilitate that healing.

Tomorrow I will introduce you to the instructors, Len and Teresa Wright, that teach this technique in Utah.

To meet with Candace for a Quantum Touch session email her with Quantum Touch in the subject line and an appointment will be arranged.